Our Next Show

MOVIE MUSIC – A Holiday Concert

We are delighted to announce the cast of our Fall Concert in December.


Ardavan Taraporewala,     Brayo Bryans,     Chantel Kuli,
Dante Toccacelli,     Dionisio Silva,     Gabriel Hudson,
Hailey Balaz,     Jennifer Wren,    Mathew Mac Lean,
Melanie Herbin,     Rosie Callaghan,     Serena Hajee
Suzette Newton – Janse van Rensburg,     Taryn Wichenko

For those who embrace or reject holiday music, this concert serves
the perfect mix of different and traditional holiday music. Enjoy our
talented company sing the most memorable music from all of cinema,
with a touch of great holiday classics for good measure!

Tickets-Online at: https://bit.ly/2kgSl4F