Our 2019 Season Began with:

BROADWAY – The Early Years! was an exploration of the music that inspired and formed Broadway’s golden age.

Some show pictures:

Here’s a few unsolicited Facebook reviews we received:

BRAVO to Eddy Isenberg and Ethan Rotenberg …… for Producing the GREATEST CONCERT that I have ever EXPERIENCED….. this was not just a Show ! It was a Complete, Perfect , Overwhelming and Important Presentation of the most Significant and Esteemed Works by the Greatest Composers of the Musical Theatre World. ….. Ethan Rotenberg presented these Brilliant Compositions with such Skill, Arrangement and Talent. This was Joyous to watch. And the Incredible TALENT on Stage , Performing these Masterpieces with an Unprecedented Level of Musical and Vocal Excellence 😘😘😘😘😘. So much Beauty and DAZZLING Artistry. This was truly the EPIC, Exemplary CONCERT of all time. No words can properly convey the JOY and SPARKLE of this EXPERIENCE. …… it was absolutely Stunning and Spectacular in every Showbusiness manner. Thank You Eddy and Ethan for Perfectly Demonstrating , in the Most Astounding way, that: there’s no business like show business. Every Person who Performed or Assisted in this Show, should Beam with the Pride of this Success. It was Breathtaking.

And another:

Last night, your Cruising Critic, Waldorf, and his intrepid companions, Janice and Rowlf, journeyed to Seaton Village for sustenance and entertainment. (Statler, alias Hugh Mosher, couldn’t join us, as he is currently warming himself in Αθήνα. You missed a great show, Statler, old buddy.)

Our first stop was Los Guaca-Moles for a delicious meal of authentic Mexican cuisine. I highly recommend this restaurant. The food is amazing, and the service very friendly and efficient. It is far better than the over-priced, pretentious, fancy-schmantzy, pseudo-Mexican places downtown.

Then a short drive to the 918 Bathurst Centre for the Impromptu Concert Series presentation of Broadway: The Early Years. Unlike my usual choices for entertainment, this was a concert, not a play – an absolutely great concert. Musical Direction (and that includes song choices, song allocation, vocal coaching, ego boosting, hand holding, etc., etc.) by the very talented Ethan Rotenberg, with Direction by the equally talented and versatile Eddy Isenberg. They managed to put together a killer lineup of talented singers! I can’t list them all, but I will single out a few of my standouts. 

The 2 comedy numbers were expertly delivered by Tanner Homonko (Be Like the Bluebird: Anything Goes by Cole Porter) and Jennifer Wren (To Keep My Love Alive: A Connecticut Yankee by Rogers and Hart). 

For tugging at our heartstrings, my favourites were Serena Hajee (Till There Was You: The Music Man by Meredith Wilson) and Matt Butler (Hey There: Pajama Game by Adler and Ross).

In a class of her own, Hailey Balaz (My Heart Belongs to Daddy: Leave It to Me! by Cole Porter).

And my absolute favourite of the evening, Mateo Lewis (She Loves Me: She Loves Me by Masteroff, Bock and Harnick). Talk about delivering a song…!
This was a really wonderful show! Unfortunately, last night was the last night.

Movie Music – Show 2


Ardavan Taraporewala,     Brayo Bryans,     Chantel Kuli,
Dante Toccacelli,     Dionisio Silva,     Gabriel Hudson,
Hailey Balaz,     Jennifer Wren,    Mathew Mac Lean,
Melanie Herbin,     Rosie Callaghan,     Serena Hajee
Suzette Newton – Janse van Rensburg,     Taryn Wichenko

For those who embrace or reject holiday music, this concert serves
the perfect mix of different and traditional holiday music. Enjoy our
talented company sing the most memorable music from all of cinema,
with a touch of great holiday classics for good measure!