Our 2019 Season Begins with:

Impromptu Concert Series is pleased to present BROADWAY – The Early Years! an exploration of the music that inspired and formed Broadway’s golden age. Accompanied by just a grand piano, the singers will make their mark on a series of songs that once resonated as the popular music of its day. Join us for an intimate and engaging evening of infectious tunes!


Cassidy Woodward Christian Baes Emily Klatt
Hailey Balaz Jennifer Wren Jocelyn Kraynyk
Kathleen Doerkson Laura Janzen Lauren Lazar
Maddy Eddy Mateo Lewis Matt Butler
Mazzy Toporoski Natalie Julien Ryan Naraine
Serena Hajee Shael Isenberg

Suzette Janse
van Rensburg

Sydney Nicholson Tanner Homonko Thalia Altura